Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Coronado Island Life Update

Life on Coronado has been absolutely amazing! Our kids have really enjoyed getting involved with swimming lessons and AWANA at a great church. We've recently gotten to do LegoLand a few times, and several different day trips to explore the area. We have a surprise trip to Disney planned for the kids in December and can't wait to see their faces when we get there!
Ryan has switched to swing shift work and that seems to be working with our homeschooling schedule. We get to play during the day before sending him off. His work life is much less stressful than at home, and that has made our stay here really nice.
We are nearing the end of our 5 month stay and coming into the Holidays, we are realizing more and more how important our life at home is. Being down here without our family makes us "that" family without anywhere to go...a very humbling position to be in, but our friends at Indian Hills Camp have invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them and for that we are so grateful! Caleb is down here for TDY work and that has made the kids' world amazing. We have gotten to go out with him and spend time with him...a taste of home is great.  
Missing our friends and family has put a countdown on the calendar! We are excited to get home and continue on with our life. Being 22 weeks pregnant at this point also puts a little bit of an urgency in our wanting to go home. I have not had normal prenatal care in that, my care is in Washington and so it means a lot of monitoring on my own, and lots of texting. We got to do a 3D ultrasound recently and found out for sure we are having another little girl due on March 26th of next year. Time is just ticking! Hailey is super excited that girls win in numbers, and Christian is just happy to be adding to our family. Ryan and I are looking forward to how great of siblings they will be come March. Everything seems to be going fine with the pregnancy at this point and for that we are thankful.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Living the life in San Diego...temporarily

The kids would say they wish they could transport their friends and their church and we would be complete here in San Diego....Ryan and I would probably say the same thing!
As we took a 5 month temporary trip we had no idea it would be this awesome and this hard! Living in a much smaller space, not being able to run across the street to friends and family but living on the beach....just a mixed set of emotions for sure.
Being 9 weeks pregnant sure hasn't added any security to the deal either! I've been tired and sick and ready to move on in life! I am definitely not a good pregnant lady. The constant morning sickness is just so much to handle!
Next week we will be moving to Coronado Island where life will be dramatically different. We will be able to have more space (a bigger house) and be a lot closer to Ryans work. The island life is much slower paced and much more secure feeling. not like being in the big city where traffic is ALWAYS bad and people are always in a hurry.
hopefully as we settle in we will be finding a new church, new friends and rekindle other friendships of those that are here on the same duty! We have been having so much fun at the beach, visiting Arizona, swimming in the pool, and doing the "tourist" things you do in San Diego.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Showers had BETTER bring us May flowers and WARMTH!

Realized I hadn't posted anything new, and then realized that this probably NEVER gets read or looked at, so...OH WELL!
Since July 2011 we've got us a 2 year old in the house, a 7 year old in the house, and 2 jet ski's added to the family. Yup, we've decided to get ourselves introduced to the expensive water lifestyle...we'll see how much they get used! We've got big ideas and plans, but we're stuck in a monsoon season where there is NO sun or warmth to be found!
Christian is doing very well in 1st grade where he continues to teach his teacher and everyone in class with little effort and not many challenges. He played basketball, soccer, and is into his favorite sport, baseball right now. He's been in AWANA at a church down the street and every other activity that has ever been offered. (at least that's what it feels like)
Ryan got to travel the seas on a submarine for a while and pretend to be in the NAVY, and let's just say...he's glad he's an engineer! That life is rough!
I've been holding down the fort just the same, no changes, not much excitement, except that I can't seem to find out why we're so busy and time keeps flying!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer might be here!

We're making the most of what weather we have to do fun things! The kids have so far been boating, helped their Daddy put in a irrigation sprinkler system, gone to the Oregon Coast, and we're planning on heading out for Lake Chelan and Lake Pend Orielle! We've actually enjoyed being on a summer routine instead of a school time routine!
Christian finished up his baseball season by pitching!!!! It was pretty much, awesome! He loved this season and is looking forward to more. His favorite sport does not come enough! In the meantime he will be starting soccer in August and then onto Basketball...and then back to the best! He loved Kindergarten for meeting friends and learning how to deal with people...other than that, he taught the class and had fun doing it.
Hailey is 15 months now! For those of you who knew about her hemangioma...we're in the clear! It has been fading on its own without the heart medication since January now. Our only battle with her is baby lungs from being born small and early...she's been hospitalized twice this year for RSV and breathing problems, but once the weather got better she has been healthy! We now have emergency breathing treatments we can do at home if this happens again...thank goodness...hospital stays are no fun for anyone!
Ryan has been playing softball this season and loving it! He's also taken on new responsibility at work and doing very well with it all. His hobby right now is taking the kids on the Burley behind his bike for rides. The kids love it and it lets Daddy go out more often!
Our neighborhood has been a real blessing for all of us...so many friends, and so many Christians live so near to us and we feel very protected and secure in this new neighborhood now that it's been a year! The kids have a 'fill in' Grandma from North Africa! She's actually oriental and grew up in Europe so the kids will learn French from her! So neat!
Other than the typical catching up on my daily chores...I haven't started anything new, just making sure the family runs right!
We're looking forward to more vacations and more time with family, that's the life!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We must be busy if....

Ummm, I'd say it's been way too long since I've written anything. I didn't even realize I haven't kept this up until I had a minute to look through pictures this evening! All in all we've had a pretty amazing last couple of months. Christian turned 6 on January 20th, and Hailey is going to be ONE on April 9th. That should say how time is flying!

We had an amazing Christmas just taking our time going house to house and spending time with our families. Of course Christian's comment the day after Christmas was, "When's my birthday?". Sheesh! Our little house was able to fit a tree and all the "stuff" along with it! I'd say the most exciting December event was having my Dad's 50th surprise birthday at our house! The biggest party ever, and YES, we fit 30 people in our little fort! It was a blast, and my Dad was a very blessed man to have his family over!

January started Christian's basketball season and he LOVED it! He picked the game right up (of course with Papa and Uncle Caleb's help), and was a star all season! He learned how to shoot the "right" way and dribble and play in triple threat! He was a hoot to watch! Now we are done, and looking forward to Coach Pitch Baseball! Christian's birthday was a blast with just a few close friends and a family party. He is pretty easy to please!

Now that February has come and gone, we've been through a sea trial where Ryan rode the "ship" he works on for a testing period. It was tough not hearing from him for 4 days, and not knowing when or where they'd be...BUT we did it, and he got a great experience. NO the shipyard is NOT shutting down and Ryan is very safe with his position in the shipyard during this Government spending problem period. Please pray for us as we decide some next moves in his career, whether that be the same thing, same place...or a new adventure!

I am just busy holding down the fort with Hailey and Christian in tow. Hailey is a very busy active little booger, and she has lots of energy to spare by the end of the night. We are getting good sleep at night, (finally) and she is loving her new mobility! She's wanting to walk, but still very little at 18lbs. She's doing great, and for the most part she's been healthy. We had a little bump in the road last week though. She was in the hospital for 4 days with RSV and bronchialitis. We made it through and she is all herself again. He doctor is great and was very protective.

All in all, we're just waiting for some sunny weather to enjoy our neighborhood...(all the sports things) and having fun in the meantime!