Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We must be busy if....

Ummm, I'd say it's been way too long since I've written anything. I didn't even realize I haven't kept this up until I had a minute to look through pictures this evening! All in all we've had a pretty amazing last couple of months. Christian turned 6 on January 20th, and Hailey is going to be ONE on April 9th. That should say how time is flying!

We had an amazing Christmas just taking our time going house to house and spending time with our families. Of course Christian's comment the day after Christmas was, "When's my birthday?". Sheesh! Our little house was able to fit a tree and all the "stuff" along with it! I'd say the most exciting December event was having my Dad's 50th surprise birthday at our house! The biggest party ever, and YES, we fit 30 people in our little fort! It was a blast, and my Dad was a very blessed man to have his family over!

January started Christian's basketball season and he LOVED it! He picked the game right up (of course with Papa and Uncle Caleb's help), and was a star all season! He learned how to shoot the "right" way and dribble and play in triple threat! He was a hoot to watch! Now we are done, and looking forward to Coach Pitch Baseball! Christian's birthday was a blast with just a few close friends and a family party. He is pretty easy to please!

Now that February has come and gone, we've been through a sea trial where Ryan rode the "ship" he works on for a testing period. It was tough not hearing from him for 4 days, and not knowing when or where they'd be...BUT we did it, and he got a great experience. NO the shipyard is NOT shutting down and Ryan is very safe with his position in the shipyard during this Government spending problem period. Please pray for us as we decide some next moves in his career, whether that be the same thing, same place...or a new adventure!

I am just busy holding down the fort with Hailey and Christian in tow. Hailey is a very busy active little booger, and she has lots of energy to spare by the end of the night. We are getting good sleep at night, (finally) and she is loving her new mobility! She's wanting to walk, but still very little at 18lbs. She's doing great, and for the most part she's been healthy. We had a little bump in the road last week though. She was in the hospital for 4 days with RSV and bronchialitis. We made it through and she is all herself again. He doctor is great and was very protective.

All in all, we're just waiting for some sunny weather to enjoy our neighborhood...(all the sports things) and having fun in the meantime!

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