Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer might be here!

We're making the most of what weather we have to do fun things! The kids have so far been boating, helped their Daddy put in a irrigation sprinkler system, gone to the Oregon Coast, and we're planning on heading out for Lake Chelan and Lake Pend Orielle! We've actually enjoyed being on a summer routine instead of a school time routine!
Christian finished up his baseball season by pitching!!!! It was pretty much, awesome! He loved this season and is looking forward to more. His favorite sport does not come enough! In the meantime he will be starting soccer in August and then onto Basketball...and then back to the best! He loved Kindergarten for meeting friends and learning how to deal with people...other than that, he taught the class and had fun doing it.
Hailey is 15 months now! For those of you who knew about her hemangioma...we're in the clear! It has been fading on its own without the heart medication since January now. Our only battle with her is baby lungs from being born small and early...she's been hospitalized twice this year for RSV and breathing problems, but once the weather got better she has been healthy! We now have emergency breathing treatments we can do at home if this happens again...thank stays are no fun for anyone!
Ryan has been playing softball this season and loving it! He's also taken on new responsibility at work and doing very well with it all. His hobby right now is taking the kids on the Burley behind his bike for rides. The kids love it and it lets Daddy go out more often!
Our neighborhood has been a real blessing for all of many friends, and so many Christians live so near to us and we feel very protected and secure in this new neighborhood now that it's been a year! The kids have a 'fill in' Grandma from North Africa! She's actually oriental and grew up in Europe so the kids will learn French from her! So neat!
Other than the typical catching up on my daily chores...I haven't started anything new, just making sure the family runs right!
We're looking forward to more vacations and more time with family, that's the life!

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