Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Living the life in San Diego...temporarily

The kids would say they wish they could transport their friends and their church and we would be complete here in San Diego....Ryan and I would probably say the same thing!
As we took a 5 month temporary trip we had no idea it would be this awesome and this hard! Living in a much smaller space, not being able to run across the street to friends and family but living on the beach....just a mixed set of emotions for sure.
Being 9 weeks pregnant sure hasn't added any security to the deal either! I've been tired and sick and ready to move on in life! I am definitely not a good pregnant lady. The constant morning sickness is just so much to handle!
Next week we will be moving to Coronado Island where life will be dramatically different. We will be able to have more space (a bigger house) and be a lot closer to Ryans work. The island life is much slower paced and much more secure feeling. not like being in the big city where traffic is ALWAYS bad and people are always in a hurry.
hopefully as we settle in we will be finding a new church, new friends and rekindle other friendships of those that are here on the same duty! We have been having so much fun at the beach, visiting Arizona, swimming in the pool, and doing the "tourist" things you do in San Diego.

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