Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Coronado Island Life Update

Life on Coronado has been absolutely amazing! Our kids have really enjoyed getting involved with swimming lessons and AWANA at a great church. We've recently gotten to do LegoLand a few times, and several different day trips to explore the area. We have a surprise trip to Disney planned for the kids in December and can't wait to see their faces when we get there!
Ryan has switched to swing shift work and that seems to be working with our homeschooling schedule. We get to play during the day before sending him off. His work life is much less stressful than at home, and that has made our stay here really nice.
We are nearing the end of our 5 month stay and coming into the Holidays, we are realizing more and more how important our life at home is. Being down here without our family makes us "that" family without anywhere to go...a very humbling position to be in, but our friends at Indian Hills Camp have invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them and for that we are so grateful! Caleb is down here for TDY work and that has made the kids' world amazing. We have gotten to go out with him and spend time with him...a taste of home is great.  
Missing our friends and family has put a countdown on the calendar! We are excited to get home and continue on with our life. Being 22 weeks pregnant at this point also puts a little bit of an urgency in our wanting to go home. I have not had normal prenatal care in that, my care is in Washington and so it means a lot of monitoring on my own, and lots of texting. We got to do a 3D ultrasound recently and found out for sure we are having another little girl due on March 26th of next year. Time is just ticking! Hailey is super excited that girls win in numbers, and Christian is just happy to be adding to our family. Ryan and I are looking forward to how great of siblings they will be come March. Everything seems to be going fine with the pregnancy at this point and for that we are thankful.

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